Unusual winter weather

In this ever changing climate and with the perils of global warming upon us; it is important to remember how unpredictable weather can affect the garden.

Bob recalls how the 2 mild winters of 2015/16 and 2016/17, with record highs of unusually mild weather, affected his garden. His first daffodil opened on 14th December in 2015, and then 12th January in 2017.

Yet winter aconites (Eranthus hyemalis) which would usually flower for Epiphany on 6th January waited to appear in profusion until the end of January. He suspects that those late flowers need the cold to initiate their flowering season.

So, if some plants seem not to be following their norm in expectations – be patient. If some flowers arrive as an early surprise – enjoy their moment. We can’t control nature, but just do our part to protect it.


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